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37, Monograph .Sustainable nutrients management in CEE countries, editors Fotyma M.,Dobers E.I.

  • Pro Memory Dr Duncan Greenwood CBE, FRS 1932-2010 – member of the Advisory Board
  • Loch,J. 12 years of CEEC (MOEL) consultative meetings in retrospection
  • Spiegel,H., Robier,J., Springer,J.,Ubleis,T.,Dersch,G. Application of the Nmin soil test in fertilizer recommendations and enviroenment protection in Austria
  • Čermák,P., Kubík,L. Monitoring of nitrogen content in the soil and water
  • Loide,V., Köster,T., Penu,P., Rebane,J. The implementation of recommendations and restrictions for using nitrogen fertilizers in Estonia
  • Wiesler,F.,Armbruster,M. The application of the Nmin soil test as an element of integrated nitrogen management strategies in agriculture
  • Loch,J., Szabó Emese,B., Pirkó,B. Nitrogen advisory fertilizer system and monitoring in Hungary
  • Fuleky,G. Downward movement of fertilizer nitrogen in Hungarian soils
  • Timbare,R., Janevica,V., Busmanis,M., Eglite,K., Stalidzans,D. Monitoring of mineral nitrogen in soils in Latvia
  • Staugaitis,G., Mažvila,J., Vaišvila,Z., Arbačiauskas,J., Putelis,L., Adomaitis,T. Soil mineral nitrogen testing in Lithuania
  • Fotyma,M. Monitoring of Nmin content in soils of Poland
  • Gaborik,S. Application of the Nmin soil test in fertilizer recommendations
  • Ceh,B. Škerbot,J. Application of the Nmin soil test in fertilizer recommendations in Slovenia
  • Budnakova ,M., Čermák,P. Fertilising recommendation system based on results of agrochemical soil testing
  • Kuchenbuch,R. Improving soil test interpretation for P and K fertilizer recommendations for arable crops
  • Szabó, E,B.,J. Loch,J., Pirkó,B.Experiences with the determination of nitrogen by 0,01 M CaCl2 extractant in Hungarian soils and long-term experiments.
  • Jadczyszyn,T. Polish fertilizer recommendations system Naw-Sald
  • Grzebisz,W. , Szczepaniak, W., Cyna,K., Potarzycki,J. Fertilizers management in the CEE Countries - consumption trends - effect on current and future wheat yields performance
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