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34, Monograph Potassium in Soil and Plants ,Editor Fotyma M.

  • Fotyma,M. Forms and tests of available potassium in soil
  • Grzebisz,W., Szczepaniak,W., Gaj,R., Barłóg,P., Przygocka-Cyna,K. Yield forming functions of potassium and magnesium fertilizers in the course of a plant crop growth
  • Grzebisz,W., Musolf,R., Szczepaniak,W., Barłóg,P. Effect of artificially imposed water shortages against a background of potassium supply on dry matter, nitrogen and potassium accumulation by winter wheat
  • Grzebisz,W., Fotyma,M. Recommendations and use of potassium fertilizers in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • Igras, J. Potassium management in Poland and in conterminous countries
  • Johnston,A.E. Potassium, magnesium and soil fertility: Long term experimental evidence
  • Kocoń, A. Physiological and agronomical principles of evaluation plants potassium nutritional status
  • Milford,G.F.J., Johnston,A.E. Potassium and nitrogen interactions in crop production
  • Romheld,V., Kirkby,E.A. Magnesium functions in crop nutrition and yield
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