2(15), table of contents

2(15) The International Fertiliser Society Reprints from Society Proceedings, Prepared by C. J. Dawson Secretary of the Society and Fotyma M., Poland

  • McGrath S.P., Zhao F., Blake-Kalff M.A. History and outlook for sulphur fertilizers in Europe , p. 5
  • McGrath S.P., Zhao F., Blake-Kalff M.A.Sulphur in soils, processes, behavior and measurement, p. 28
  • De Kok L.J., Castro A., Durenkamp M., Stuiver C.E.C., Westerman S., Yang L., Stulen I. Sulphur in plant physiology, p. 55
  • Messick D.L., Brey de C., Fan M.X. Sources of sulphur, their processing and use in fertilizer manufacture, p. 81
English (United Kingdom)Polish (Poland)