3(12), table of contents

3(12) The International Fertiliser Society Reprints from Society Proceedings, Prepared by C. J. Dawson Secretary of the Society and Rutkowska A. Poland

  • Davister A,. Forty years with the phosphate industry, p. 5
  • Fot R.H., Withers P.J.A. The contribution of agricultural phosphorus to eutrophication, p. 20
  • Johnston A.E., Jones K.C. The origin and fate of cadmium in soils, p. 49
  • Johnston A.E., Barraclough P.B., Poulton P.R. Dawson C.J. Assessment of some spatially variable soil factors limiting plant yield, p. 86
  • Johnston A.E., Poulton P.R., Syers J.K. Phosphorus, potassium and sulphur cycles on agricultural soils, p. 129
  • Johnston A.E., Goulding K.W.T., Poulton P.R., Chalmers A.G. Reducing fertilizers input: endangering arable soil fetrtility ?,.p 174
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