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4(9) The International Fertiliser Society Reprints from Society Proceedings, Prepared by C. J. Dawson Secretary of the Society

  • MacKenzie G.H., Taureau J.C. Recommendation Systems for Nitrogen -A Review, p. 5
  • Archer J.R., Marks M.J. Control of Nutrient Losses to Water from Agriculture in Europe, p. 52
  • Wollring J, Reusch S., Karlsson C. Variable Nitrogen Application Based on Crop Sensing, p. 79
  • Leifert C., Golden M.H. A Re-Evaluation of the Beneficial and Other Effects of Dietary Nitrate, p. 99
  • Watson C.J., Nitrogen Cycling in Grassland Systems, p. 119
  • Recous S. Dynamics of Soil and Fertiliser Nitrogen in ArabIe Systems , p. 153
  • Rolston D.E., Venterea R.T. Gaseous Loss of Oxides of Nitrogen from the Agricultural Nitrogen Cycle, p. 165
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